Ecommerce Web Design & Development


Every brand is unique, and as such deserves a unique web design. At Newthink, every design is handcrafted. We get to know your brand, its aesthetic, its customers, its goals, and ensure that all of these inform the appearance, layout and personality of the design we create. Whether we’re working with your existing style guide or developing one from scratch, we pay attention to every last detail to create a website that is beautiful and effective.


Creating a beautiful online store isn’t enough. It needs to sell. Whether you’re selling jewelry, handbags, cameras or kayaks, your customers need to be guided through the shopping process with minimal distraction between arrival and checkout. With a decade of experience building online stores, we know what is necessary and what is clutter, and we design and develop all of our stores with this as a guiding principle.


You’ll be able to login to your store to manage every aspect of it, from keeping your product inventory up to date, to freshening up your homepage, to processing orders and interacting with customers.

This doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of us after launch, though. We consider that every website launch is the start of a lasting relationship, and we’ll be on hand to help you navigate the Ecommerce landscape, whether it be keeping your site up to date with the latest technology, or continuing to hone it based on your latest analytics reports.


Founded in 2004, we have been working with Ecommerce platforms since their early days. Having worked with those very primitive solutions, and keeping abreast of the evolution and improvement in the years since, we are now familiar with all the Ecommerce options available and able to work with virtually any of them, while also able to determine at the outset of a new project which will be the best fit.

Whether we’re choosing Shopify for its simplicity, or moving to Magento for its flexibility, we have years of experience using both that we can offer, along with other platforms such as Big Commerce and WooCommerce.